Consolidation Program

RLS Accelefrate® is a multi-vendor freight consolidation program designed to give customers the benefit of significantly reduced transportation costs with the convenience of dealing with one quality logistics provider.

RLS Multiple Providers


Food companies often spend an excessive amount of time and effort coordinating multiple logistics providers. Our integrated transportation and warehousing solutions eliminate the inefficiency of using multiple providers. Clients who participate in our Accelefrate® Consolidation Program simply send us their orders and we handle the order selection, shipping, appointment scheduling, and delivery to their customers.

RLS Increase Service


Accelefrate® eliminates the lack of accountability often experienced when using multiple providers. The use of separate warehousing and transportation companies can lead to finger pointing, and a lack of service and performance ownership.

RLS Logistics


For smaller food companies, Accelefrate® can eliminate the need for a full-time logistics manager. All orders are handled in the most cost-effective manner, either Truckload with stop offs, or consolidated LTL.

National Coverage

Many consolidation programs only offer service on a regional basis. RLS Accelefrate® offers reduced transportation rates on a regional and national basis. That means you can distribute your products to any of your customers anywhere in the United States in an economical way.

Guaranteed Sailing Schedule

Guaranteed Sailing Schedule

While some consolidation programs offer inconsistent delivery schedules, RLS Accelefrate® has a defined delivery schedule that is consistent week to week. We go to every point in the U.S. at a minimum of once per week, while certain regional areas get serviced twice per week. So while other consolidators may “hold” the truck if there is not enough volume to a particular area, RLS will ship all orders every week in order to meet your customers’ due dates.


Guaranteed Rates

Other consolidation programs offer “average” rates that will only be attained if the service provider has enough volume for a particular delivery zone. RLS Accelefrate® offers guaranteed rates that you will have prior to the start of the program. You will know exactly what your transportation costs will be so you can budget properly.

Unlimited Consignee Base

Unlimited Consignee Base

While other consolidators restrict their program to only the larger foodservice and retail distributors, RLS Accelefrate® is offered to all consignees, no matter how big or small.

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Walmart Suppliers Consolidation Program

If a food company’s order sizes are less than 3 pallets, it may not be possible to cost-effectively sell to Walmart because the delivery costs can be too expensive. However, our Walmart Suppliers Consolidation Program makes it possible for most companies to sell to Walmart.

We offer a consolidation & delivery program to Walmart Distribution Centers that can be customized to your needs. We deliver reliability and confidence through our documentation, electronic order management and real time performance technology tools to assure accuracy on many levels.

Participation is simple. You can inventory your product at one of our five Northeast Logistics Centers, forward your Walmart dedicated inventory to us, or we can pick up your product at your facility, anywhere in the Northeast. We will take it from there. We will manage the orders, and combine your shipments with our other Walmart supplier inventories.

Walmart Delivery Schedule